[tutorial] Making planets and stars via logic_case

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[tutorial] Making planets and stars via logic_case

Post#1 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:17 am

If you have no basic knowledge of making planets: Please read this tutorial. And this one too.

Now, those tutorials are decent but a bit outdated. We'll want to do this the new way.

Once you have your planet done brushwork wise, go ahead and pick logic_case from the entities and place it in the middle of your planet.


The case is constructed like this:

Case 01 planet2 / This in the planet type. Planet2 supports names etc, so we'll use that.
Case 02 Planet radius in hammer inches
Case 03 Gravity (default: 1)
Case 04 Atmosphere (default: 1)
Case 05 Pressure (default: 1) / Same as atmosphere? Set same as atmosphere if you're unsure.
Case 06 Surface temperature in shadow in kelvins (default: 289)
Case 07 Surface temperature in sunshine in kelvins (default: 300)
Case 08 Flags: 1 = Habitat 2 = Unstable 4 = Sun Burn. 0 means none, 7 means all, 3 means first two etc.
Case 09 oxygen percentile (earth: 21)
Case 10 carbon dioxide percentile (default: 0.45)
Case 11 nitrogen percentine (default: 78)
Case 12 hydrogen percentile (default: 0.55)
Case 13 Planet name
Case 14 NOT USED
Case 15 ColorID - Probably broken
Case 16 BloomID - Works... Add if you like bloom, tutorial covered in links

Set it in the middle of the planet and voilà! Depending on the type of planet you have, you might want to play around with the values a bit.

Word of advice: Don't go crazy with pressure and atmosphere since this is potentially more deadly than void! Also if you have opaque atmosphere but you still want to see the sun, set sky alpha to 254. This will allow you to see the sprite, but not the skybox (AS LONG AS THE RENDER MODE IS PROPERLY SET TO ADDITIVE).


A star will work pretty much the same way as planets but with less values. Think of it as a temperature within radius.

We'll make another logic_case like this:

Case 01 star2
Case 02 radius (how long will the temperature cast)
Case 03 temperature 1 (kelvins)
Case 04 temperature 2 (kelvins)
Case 05 temperature 3 (kelvins)
Case 06 Star name

The logic case will act as the core of the star. You'll probably want to add a big sprite where the logic_case is since by default the star will only show as hula doll model.

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Re: [tutorial] Making planets and stars via logic_case

Post#2 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:34 am

...and to make your planets compatible with the Spacebuild Factions gamemode, please follow the following tutorial:

https://github.com/philxyz/factions/tre ... _tutorials

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